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About Us

ANGINA is a consulting and construction Firm based on Architecture, Electrical, Civil and any kind of Engineering works in all over the Bangladesh.

ANGINA contributes for building the foundation of architecture, civil & electrical engineering, green-housing, industry construction, electrical installation, automation and prepares a better foundation of lives. We are going to growth the future value of life as a facilitator for the meeting of future technology in daily lifestyle. We’re committed to provide the quality services and products to our valued Clients.

  • Certified Company

    ANGINA is authorized according to bangladesh government law.

  • Experience Employee

    Our design team is comprised of architecture and engineers who are received a degree from reputable universities at home and abroad and accredited member of architecture and engineers institute of Bangladesh.

our services

According to national and international standards, the work of construction and design is done with attractive beauty and minimum cost.
So that each construction turn into safe sustainable idol of construction.

Architectural & Engineering Design

The work of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Landscape & Master planning, Plumbing, Fire safety, Lightining protection system etc. design is done focus into exterior beauty, minimum cost, safety and longevity.

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Interior Design &

Angina provider of your unique idol of imagination by decoration with interior design.

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Electrical Design & Works

As per client requirement, cost & safety, the electrical design work is done by selecting right value of current & voltage, rating, perfect brand of equipment. This is very important for electrical installation.

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Fire Safety Desing & Solution

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Lighting Protection system

We are provide accurate testing report of LPS after design, Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning of Lightining Protection System (LPS) according to national & international standard (BNBC, NFPA).

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We build a variety of residential, commercial, factory buildings using the right quality construction materials for the adequate earthquake safety and stability of each building to suit your needs.

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We highly cooperate client to approve any kind of plan from government authority and encourage to fill up plan authorization requirement.

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Project Management & Supervision

Residential, commercial, industrial project management works is done according to demand of client and project.

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Our Product

Various types of fat, electrical, fire protection & safety, thunder protection products are sold at affordable prices to suit the needs of stability, safety, and demand. All our product national and international standards agreed.

Training program

Architectural, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marketing.